Starting March 3rd, 2022 I will be available for collaborations every THURSDAY weekly for the entire month

That's 5 FREE sessions to create content with me!

This is a pilot project I am doing to help build and develop a community of practicing artists in the Greater Toronto Area


To book me send email to alain@thejamproductioncompany.ca with the following template + RESPONSSES in the BODY of the email.

Name :

Age (must be 18+) :

Shooting location (Downtown Toronto, My Home Studio in Oakville, Your location in the GTA):

IG handle:

I will respond within 24 hours of receiving your email.  I will NOT be booking via private / direct messages.



  1. I am available from 4 PM - 9 PM.  Please be respectful of my time, I am waving my regular $100 appearance fee for these events to help new artists and established artists build or re-build their photography portfolios or their social media accounts. 
    • Last minute cancellations / no shows will result in blacklisting from future community events.
  2. You, the subject / model, will receive:
    • A set of 3 high resolution, 300 dpi images for each location / look we shoot during our session at no cost.
    • Additional images may be purchased separately at a cost of $25 / image* 
  3. A signed Model Release form must be completed before we begin shooting.