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"The JAMBASSADOR Experience" Podcast

Trailer Transcript:

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"Hey Internet People, Alain here staff photographer and  podcasters for The JAM Production Company.

I am going to tell you about a new content stream called “The JAMBASSADOR Experience.”

A twice weekly conversation coming to you on YouTube every Monday and Thursday where I talk to you about all things JAMMING on social media.  

From tips and tricks on how to make your Instagram account shine, to improving your LinkedIn profile to get more opportunities, to the hottest new audio craze, called Clubhouse. 

Once in a while I may bring in one of our Brand Ambassadors or  as we like to call them around here our "JAMBASSADORS" ... to share with you their experience as a social media influencers.

Once again, that’s every Monday and Thursday streaming to you on The JAM Production Company YouTube Channel.

To stay in the know about all things JAM don't forget to follow us on Instagram."